Amazon Tries to Win the Hearts of Customers with Its New Smartphone Craze

The town is going to witness one of the biggest shows this week – “Revenge of the Thrifty Nerds” starring Jeff Bezos, founder of

The event is expected to start with the fun and cool California kids before handing over the event to the geeks in Seattle. The retailer is trying hard to woo their consumers by entering into a new phase of the smartphone era.

They are expected to launch a new smartphone on Wednesday at the event. During last several years, Amazon tried really hard and invested billions of dollars on various fronts such as warehouse-construction all over the country in order to enhance product delivery; manufacturing devices like set-top boxes and tablets along with creating and licensing entertainment so as to fill up those devices.

The higher-end segment of cell phone markets has stagnated quite a bit and almost saturated as of now, while the phones with a price tag of below $200 are on the rise, mainly in the developing markets.

And the phone hardware has reached a level where people no longer feel the need to own the latest chips in order to have a great phone experience. The phones that are built on cheaper and older chips also work completely fine for most of the people.

Cameras are given prime importance, and the batteries are expected to last longer since the screens are bigger in the high-end phones. But you can run the same apps, browse internet and also use the popular messaging services in a phone with a price tag of $80, which runs on a cheaper wireless plan as a $500+ smartphone.

And the phones by Amazon have many exciting features like motion sensors along with 3-D interface. The biggest hope of Amazon to spice things up is the service and business side, mostly with a bargain device, which comes with much cheaper and free services to all buyers who subscribe to its Prime shipping and media-services bundle.

The new phone by Amazon is expected to be powered by Android operating system, and it is more likely to piggyback on the present collection of the Android Apps and will definitely access the music collection, which Amazon began to stream in last week to all its prime customers.

It is also expected that Amazon will re-use some of its innovations, which it developed long back for the Kindle line, like the Mayday customer-support feature.

However, more can only be known once the phone gets launched during the event in Seattle. So, let’s wait and watch how Amazon plays down its cards.

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