Bateshwarsthan Ganga Pump Canal Project Crashed Hours before Its Launch

One of the most expensive canal project in Bihar by the name of “Bateshwarsthan Ganga Pump Canal Project” got crashed just before its grand launch. Honourable minister, Nitish Kumar was supposed to inaugurate the canal project, but since everything went wrong, he was forced to cancel the inaugural function.

According to the report, the estimate cost of the project was more than Rs. 389-crore and the project was completed after a delay of 40 years.

The project was set up to help the farmers and common people of Bihar and neighbouring state, Jharkhand. The canal was supposed to be a source of irrigation for the farming lands. Local newspaper announced that along with Nitish Kumar, Water Resources and Irrigation Minister, Rajiv Ranjan Singh Lallan was also supposed to be a part of the inaugural function.

The construction work of the canal project was so poor that when water from river Ganga was allowed to inlet in the newly constructed canal for a trial, all of a sudden the wall of the canal got collapsed and water from river Ganga gushed into Kahalgaon village, which is a part of thermal power project running in that area. The water disrupted and destroyed the landscape of this village.

Arun Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary of the Water Resources department along with some major Bhagalpur officials is busy supervising the affected area and doing his level best to drain out the flooded water which has spread over an area of 3 km from the canal.

Mr Singh informed the reporters that sandbags are used to check the flow of water and the opposition party is making accusations that the incident happened due to negligence of the higher officials.

According to the government brochure, this project was supposed to irrigate 18,620 hectares of land in Bhagalpur and over 4,000 hectares in Jharkhand, but with its failure, it is a great loss to the country as well to the people of these region.

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