Elio Presents the Cheapest Car Worth Less Than $7000

Elio Motors, which is a rising car manufacturer, has come up with a brand new model. The prototype has two seats, three wheels, one door, and the color is hard orange. Elio has planned for economic car this time with a price tag of $6800, yielding 49 mpg in town and 84 mpg on highways. The car will be produced at USA.

The founder cum CEO of Elio, Mr. Paul Elio, who is an automobile engineer, was inspired by the grievance of the Americans who struggle to keep their tank occupied and frustrated from fuel economy.

The car will be for regular commutes and people who cannot afford any expensive car can now have it. The scheduled production site is Shreveport, Louisiana at a factory that was formerly owned by General Motors, but was shut down due to the maker’s previous bankruptcy. Elio, which has its HQ at Michigan and Troy, has ensured that it would flash 1500 openings with the commencement of the project for the production of the automobile.

In a recent interview, Elio stated that America is the most feasible place to manufacture such a critical vehicle due to the presence of skilled manpower of the country. He also added that affordable vehicles can only be manufactured here. As per the sales head, Jerome Vassallo the reason for such economic cost is the strategy of utilizing off-the-shelf parts and components that usually manufacturers use. The vehicle will be made up of its own components from the inventory.

As the Elio has less than four wheels technically, it is a motorcycle and for the owners a motorcycle license would be enough to ride it. In the same context, Vassal pitched and said bike insurance is much cheaper than car insurance.

As per Kathryn Henry, a speaker from the Department of Transport, the vehicle will be tested by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration due to mixed functionalities of bike and car. However, the maker has designed the car for a crash test safety rating of 5 stars.

As far as safety is concerned, the new car will be equipped with three airbags that cover the entire windows; frontal and rear collision impact absorption engineering and roll cage are the features that add weight to its functionalities.

The production of Elio will be scheduled from March 2015 and it has been ensured by the company to flash the names of early buyers to be published on their website. About 18000 bookings are already on the chart.  

A promotional video has also been launched to display the working of the car. The prototype is the basic version and the market-ready vehicle will have some extra features too.

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