Google Nexus 7 Eliminates Every Motive for Purchasing Kindle

The most asked question by customers about any latest tech device is- Should I buy this now or is something superior following very soon?

For consumers of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, now we have the perfect answer- you must have waited for some more time. Google’s latest Nexus 7 is targeted directly at the new Kindle Fire, the 7-inch color tablet that had been the bestselling gadget of the previous holiday season.

Nexus 7 completely eliminates every motive for purchasing the present Kindle, and sets a new high bar for whatever Amazon produces to replace its current model. The latest Nexus 7 is the first venture into marketing a tablet by Google under its own make.

It is presently available for pre-booking from Google Play, which is the firm’s online store, with consumer deliveries anticipated to start from next week. It is more likely to cost around $199 for a new model with nearly 8 gigabytes of maximum storage capacity, which is same as that of Kindle, or about $249 for the one with 16 gigabytes storage.

The new gadget is produced by the well-known Taiwan-based Asustek, and Google selected its partner cleverly. Asus produced some of the most handsome tablets and PCs, and the latest Nexus 7 has been made as compelling and smooth as Amazon’s Kindle Fire is lumpy and clumpy.

At nearly 7.8-inches tall and around 4.7-inches wide, the new Nexus 7 is small enough to slide easily into a normal jacket pocket. With its rubbery surfaced back, it provides high level of grip to users. Similar to Kindle Fire, it operates only over a Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi) connection; while the display screens are of comparable size, Nexus 7 has a compelling resolution of 1280X800-pixels as compared to the present Kindle Fire’s 1024X600.

Google’s new tablet also features a more potent, quad-core processor powered by Nvidia, double the internal memory, and superior battery. At nearly 4/10th of an inch density and 12-ounces, it is also slightly thinner and 18-percent lighter.

When it comes to new standard tablet features, it could certainly win every consumer who is planning to buy a new tablet. It has come featured with a front facing camera and standard microphone for receiving video calls, but in the case of the latest Kindle Fire, you won’t see options.

Kindle Fire from Amazon doesn’t have standard Bluetooth connectivity, while Nexus 7 from Google does have it. This way, Google has been quite successful in obliterating all reasons to buy the present Kindle Fire.


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