Should India Open Its Gates for Rohingya Refugees?

Myanmar is one of the pivotal positions in the Act East Policy of India as it shares land and maritime borders and has civilization and historical ties with rich mineral resources as well. However, the recent Myanmar problem has been a serious concern for security for the entire region.

Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister is currently in Myanmar. He would definitely bring up the Rohingya refugee issue during his discussions for the resolution of this shadow over regional and bilateral security.

Rohingya refugees have really serious implications in terms of security for South and Southeast Asia as this allows many of them to be picked up by the terrorist groups. Since June 2012, Myanmar is going through an ethnic cleansing according to the 2017 Report of Human Rights Watch. This cleansing has become one of the most widespread forms of violence against all Rohingyas.

All the operations that the security forces of Myanmar carried out against the Rohingyas had third degree torture, arbitrary arrests, rapes, mass killings etc. These people also have restrictions like employment, education, marriage and freedom of movement.

Myanmar is a very important link between ASEAN and India. India’s relationship with Myanmar is on really good terms and India has close geo-strategic ties with the country. But the Rohingya problem might turn into an irritant of bilateral terms. Therefore, both the sides need to find a solution for the problem as the Rohingya refugee case is a humanitarian crisis.

The visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a platform that can be used to resolve this issue. The Rohingya issue is Myanmar’s internal matter but as it has serious security implications for the entire region, it should be looked at from a simple humanitarian perspective.

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