Medicare Reimbursements  Paid to Ophthalmologists During 2012 Raise Several Questions

Doctor criticized the value of data listing and accuracy of $77Billion in Medicare payment to 880k medical suppliers, while industry groups and consumers believe that this would make healthcare segment cost effective.

There are lots of concerns over how doctors collect millions of dollars from Medicare in form of reimbursements every year. The recent meeting raised the same question and Medicare’s database is now compelling the government to rethink to have a new round of inspection. The data showed how much the healthcare program repaid doctors in the form of reimbursements in the year 2012. According to the Associated Press analysis, nearly 344 out of 800000 doctors got $3M or more, and this figure is definitely high to sound fishy! Approximately 2% of ophthalmologists account for 1/4th of payment.  

Different views of Medicare’s release of the US payment to doctors imply that the consequences may take years to be effective. United States regulators stated that they follow last year’s report on data by offering the same details from previous years, a process to help consumers and supervisors to trace changes in healthcare division.

Medical Ethics Director at NYU Langone Medical Center, Arthur Caplan stated – “Geeks, nerds and data freaks will have a good time with this.” Caplan stressed that people do not actually have to choose doctors going by this data, but it is valuable in terms of patterns and trends.

Jon Blum, Deputy Administrator stated that healthcare industry will have to pay attention to doctors and physicians, whose wages are exceeding the specified levels. Jon Blum didn’t mention any specific criteria, as he feels certain threshold levels would tip off people playing safe in the system. Blum told he has been aware of the frauds in the system and he doesn’t want to highlight anything as such now, but wants the public to recognize that and stop spending their hard-earned money on such things.

He stated that the main aim of making the database public is to help explore quality-conscious and cost-effective methods for America’s $2.8 trillion Medicare system. The $600-billion healthcare program for disabled people and seniors sets the tone. John Welch, an ophthalmologist stated that there is a big amount of $9.5 M that healthcare paid him. He was working with drug makers, practicing for medicines, and he used to cure patients with macular collapse. He believes that there is no scam or fraud involved in the system and doctors are just taking care of patients and they deserve to be paid equally.

Most of the eye treatments for senior citizens and concerned medicines are quite expensive, so the reimbursements are bound to be high enough.

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