Women Victimized by Low Retail Wages – A Recent Study Reveals!

According to a latest report by the eminent think-body Demos, the wages of women across the retail industry is disproportionately low. The report is released just couple of days before Walmart’s scheduled annual shareholders meeting.

In the meeting, a small group of Walmart employees will once again raise their protest against abysmal working conditions and poor wages. During the previous year, we already saw a labor group OUR Walmart doing similar protests, but in this year’s strike, there will be something different with a twist that involves (according to Demos’ finding) – only women. Yes, the strikes are supposed to be led by just women who are the so-called “Walmart moms”. The intent of the strike is to put forward Walmart’s mistreatment with women.

There is a lot of discrimination for women employees in the company, states OUR Walmart group as well as few other allied organizations. But as per Demos’ study, the problem exists throughout the retail industry and it’s not confined to just one retailer.

“Retail is far from the only low-paying sector of the American economy” mentions the report, which further states – “Yet because it is one of the top industries employing women, and one projected to add a substantial number of new jobs over the coming decade, the choices the nation’s major retailers make about employment will play a crucial role in determining the nation’s economic future.”

Out of the total American labor force, 47 percent is comprised of women, according to U.S. Department of Labor, and 50 percent of the overall retail labor force. Also, of all those retail workers, who earn less than $12.25 per hour, 55 percent are women, Demo’s report reveals.

The report discloses that almost 30 percent of the female workers in retail industry (counting 1.3million female populace) are living in poverty or may be near poverty line. Even though in the Demos report, it does not have a mention female workers also make up a disproportionate portion of many other speedy growing low wage industries of the U.S. economy like food service.

This fact is applicable even for those food service labors that heavily rely upon tips. In a recent White House study, it was found out that nearly 72 percent of tipped workers were women, and the possibility of female tipped professionals to come under the poverty bracket is double.

Likewise, 90 percent of domestic workers are women, another fast growing segment of the American economy with extremely low median wage! Homecare workers are not even eligible for minimum wage laws in many states, due to an exemption clause in Fair Labor Standards Act.

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